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Year: 2024   |   Volume: 13   |   Issue: 1   |   Page: 23-28     View issue

Repurposing of Drug Aspirin in Colon Cancer: Therapeutic Approach

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  1. Dr.D. Y. Patil Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research Pimpri Pune, Maharashtra, India.


Drug repurposing, exploring new uses for existing drugs, offers significant advantages over developing new ones. Repurposed drugs have already undergone safety testing, reducing failure chances. Pre-existing data and manufacturing knowledge shorten the process. Development is cheaper, with estimates at $300 million compared to $2-3 billion for new drugs. Repurposed drugs can reach the market in 3-12 years, versus 10-17 years for new drugs. Overall, drug repurposing is a promising approach for faster, cheaper development of new treatments. Colon cancer treatment faces hurdles. Traditional drug development is slow and expensive. This review highlights drug repurposing as a strategic solution. By finding new uses for existing drugs, we can overcome these challenges. This review explores various approaches for colon cancer drug repurposing: Network models: Identifying connections between drugs and diseases. Computer-aided approaches: Utilizing software to predict drug-target interactions. Machine learning algorithms: Analyzing vast datasets to uncover hidden patterns. Molecular docking techniques: Simulating how drugs bind to target molecules. This review highlights aspirin as a promising candidate for colon cancer repurposing. Its potential benefits aspirin may slow down cancer cell division. And also emphasizes the role of artificial intelligence and network modeling in drug repurposing. The drug repurposing presents a promising strategy for overcoming the challenges of colon cancer treatment. By leveraging cutting-edge computational approaches and personalized medicine, we can develop more effective and efficient treatment options for patients.

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Neve V, Kamble A, Karwa P. Repurposing of Drug Aspirin in Colon Cancer: Therapeutic Approach. Clin Cancer Investig J. 2024;13(1):23-8.
Neve, V., Kamble, A., & Karwa, P. (2024). Repurposing of Drug Aspirin in Colon Cancer: Therapeutic Approach. Clinical Cancer Investigation Journal, 13(1), 23-28.

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