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Clinical Cancer Investigation Journal
ISSN Print: 2278-1668, Online: 2278-0513
2016 Volume 5 - Issue 6
Table of Contents
A prospective study of response and toxicity of weekly concurrent chemo-radiation with cisplatin versus paclitaxel in patients with locally advanced carcinoma cervix
Pabitra Das, Anis Bandyopadhyay, Swapan Sikdar, Debabrata Mitra, Shyamal Sarkar
Incidence of tobacco chewing in families of patients with oral squamous cell carcinoma
Rashmi Nigudkar, Minal Chaudhary, Madhuri Gawande, Swati Patil, Alka Hande, Lalit Kanthale
Bone marrow involvement in Hodgkin's lymphoma: Data from a cancer hospital
Kriti Chauhan, Monica Jain, Pragya Shukla, Rajesh Grover
Male breast cancer: A 10-year experience of a tertiary care center in North India
Asifa Andleeb, Mohammad Lone, Hakim Ahmad, Fir Afroz, Arshid Manzoor, Mohammad Teli, Kaneez Fatima
Clear cell adenocarcinoma of uterine cervix in a 19-year-old virgin unrelated to diethylstilbestrol exposure
Purnima Thakur, Vikas Fotedar, Mukesh Sharma, Kavita Mardi
Primary extraskeletal peripheral primitive neuroectodermal tumor of subcutaneous tissue neck in a young adult: A rare case report
Sumeet Aggarwal, Vivek Kaushal, Abhishek Soni, Sujata Singla
Synchronous multifocal osteosarcoma with small cell histological variant: A double rarity
Sonia Gon, Tamalika Kundu, Bidisha Ghosh
Ancient schwannoma of neck masquedring as sarcoma
Tummidi Santosh, Sulata Choudhury, Prasanta Das, Manoj Patro
Primary small cell carcinoma of kidney in a young female: A rare case report
Ajay Pal, Sudheer Rathi, Krishna Murty, Nishant Misra
Pre-B acute lymphoblastic leukemia masquerading as breast carcinoma: A rare case report
Rahul Kulkarni, Asha Anand, Sonia Parikh, Priyanka Patel
Colonic lipoma: A rare yet important cause of intestinal obstruction
Savita Agarwal, Pinki Pandey, Shruti Singh, Megha Ralli
Primary intracranial malignant melanoma in an adolescent girl: A case report
Sajeeb Mondal, Rajashree Pradhan, Subrata Pal, Supratik Bhattacharya, Arindam Banerjee, Debosmita Bhattacharyya
Accurate tumor size determination in breast cancer: The debate continues
S Noushad
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