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Clinical Cancer Investigation Journal
ISSN Print: 2278-1668, Online: 2278-0513
2014 Volume 3 - Issue 2
Table of Contents
Vital tissue staining in the diagnosis of oral precancer and cancer: Stains, technique, utility, and reliability
Udyavara Sudheendra, Huchanahalli Sreeshyla, Raju Shashidara
A prospective randomised controlled trial of concurrent chemoradiation versus concurrent chemoradiation along with gefitinib in locally advanced squamous cell carcinoma of head and neck
Biswamit Bhattacharya, Santanu Pal, Bitoti Chattopadhyay, Shyam Adhikary, Joydeep Basu, Tanmoy Ghosh
Best supportive care compared with chemotherapy and radiotherapy for unresectable gallbladder cancer: A tertiary care institute experience
Pramod Singh, Rakesh Kapoor, Ritesh Kumar, Amit Bahl, Narendra Kumar, Rajesh Gupta, Suresh Sharma
Correlation between gallstones characteristics and gallbladder mucosal changes: A retrospective study of 313 patients
Sunder Goyal, Sanjeev Singla, Amrita Duhan
Primary primitive neuroectodermal tumor of the urinary bladder: A rare case report and review of literature
Aloke Dastidar, Anindya Chakrobarty, Susmita Sadhukhan, Anirban Halder, Anjana Basu
Ectopic hidradenoma papilliferum with apocrine differentiation: A case report and review of the literature
Satyaveer Mathur, Ekta Boombak, Parul Tanwar, Rajeev Sen
Anal carcinoma presenting as gluteal mass: A rare experience
Debraj Saha, Debajyoti Mandal, Soumya Mondal, Subhasish Saha, Subhayan Mandal, Shivanand Prakash
Pindborg′s tumor: Report of a case with 6 years of follow-up
Kanaram Choudhary, R Rajeev
A rare case of recurrent malignant phyllodes tumor of the breast in a young nulliparous woman
Zeeshanuddin Ahmad, Mahim Koshariya, Sameer Shukla, Vikram Vatti, Abhijeet Diwan
Primary sarcoma of the lung: A very rare diagnosis and poor prognosis
Rhizlane Belbaraka, Nabil Ismaili
Acantholytic squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue: A diagnostic challenge
Deepak Donthi, Anikode Ramaswamy, Prashant Mahalingasetti
Delayed cardiac migration of totally implantable central venous access catheter
Shailesh Solanki, M Babu, B Gowrishankar, S Ramesh
Benign mesenchymoma of foot: A rare occurrence
Kavita Mardi
Use of partial-arc planning technique for the treatment of prostate cancer
Narayan Kharel
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ISSN Print: 2278-1668, Online: 2278-0513