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Clinical Cancer Investigation Journal
ISSN Print: 2278-1668, Online: 2278-0513
2013 Volume 2 - Issue 2
Table of Contents
Myoepithelial cells: Current perspectives in salivary gland tumors
C Redder, V Kandagal, Nupura Vibhute, Pramod Ingaleshwar, Sharan Shetty, Sameer Ahamad
Update on Hodgkin′s lymphoma
Robin Sabharwal, Shamindra Sengupta, Bhudev Sharma, Shivangi Gupta
Nature of axillary drainage fluid after axillary lymph node dissection in breast cancer
Shaji Thomas, Vishal Kumar, Anita Nangia, Ritu Singh, Lalit Aggarwal, Sanjeev Tudu
A prospective randomized controlled trial to study the role of sulfasalazine in prevention of acute gastrointestinal toxicity associated with concurrent chemoradiation in carcinoma cervix
Santanu Pal, Shyam Adhikary, Biswamit Bhattacharya, Joydeep Basu, Tanmoy Ghosh, Niladri Patra
Radical treatment of locally advanced head and neck cancer with concurrent chemo radiation-cisplatin versus carboplatin: A randomized comparative phase III trial
Shatarupa Dutta, Suman Ghorai, Krishnangshu Choudhury, Anup Majumder
Female lung cancer in Marrakech
Mouna Khouchani, Imade Selmaji, Badr Elmorabit, Nabil Ismaili, Abdelhamid Elomrani, Rhizlane Belbaraka, Ali Tahri
Fine-needle aspiration cytology and biopsy in hepatic masses: A minimally invasive diagnostic approach
Jitendra Nasit, Viren Patel, Biren Parikh, Manoj Shah, Kajal Davara
Effects of pre-existing undernutrition on treatment-related complications and treatment outcomes in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia: A tertiary care center experience
Amrita Roy, Aramita Saha, Sohini Chakraborty, Subrata Chattopadhyay, Prabir Sur
Oral cancer knowledge among Turkish dental patients
Melda Misirlioglu, Rana Nalcaci, Selmi Yardimci, Mehmet Adisen
Malignancy in pilonidal disease: Uncommon occurrence
Snigdha Goyal, Sunder Goyal, Monika Garg
Synchronous papillary urothelial carcinoma of urinary bladder and adenocarcinoma of stomach in a middle-aged man: An extremely rare association with therapeutic dilemma
Dodul Mondal, Neeraj Rastogi, Tamojit Chaudhuri, Manoj Jain
Delayed reversible methotrexate-induced leucoencephalopathy in a four-year-old child with acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Amrita Roy, Neelakshi Ghosh, Aramita Saha, Somenath Chatterjee
Extramedullary plasmacytoma of the orbit: A rare case
Subrata Chattapadhyay, Aramita Saha, Anindya Mukherjee, Mohammad Azam
Extensive squamous metaplasia with cystic change in pleomorphic adenoma: A potential diagnostic pitfall in fine needle aspiration cytology
Jitendra Nasit, Gauravi Dhruva
Synchronous sporadic medullary carcinoma of the thyroid and small-cell carcinoma of lung: A rare entity
Manigreeva Krishnatreya, Tashnin Rahman, Jagannath Sharma, Amal Kataki
Palliative care in a rural Indian setup: An oncologist′s experience
Vivek Tiwari
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ISSN Print: 2278-1668, Online: 2278-0513