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Year: 2023   |   Volume: 12   |   Issue: 1   |   Page: 7-10     View issue

Statistical Data (1978-2020) on Prostate Cancer in the Southern Population of Mexico

Lauro Figueroa-Valverde, Marcela Rosas-Nexticapa, Magdalena Alvarez-Ramirez, Maria Lopez-Ramos, Virginia Mateu-Armand, Tomas Lopez-Gutierrez

Prostate cancer is the main risk factor that increases mortality in men worldwide. Recently, the National Institute of Statistics and Geography of Mexico reported the percentage of mortality from prostate cancer in men of 10.89/10,000 (60 and > 60 years) for patients with this clinical pathology in 2020. This research aimed to evaluate statistical data on prostate cancer in the southern population of Mexico. Mortality rates in southern Mexico were evaluated in 23,527 men with prostate cancer in 1979-2020 years using some data sources such as GLOBOCAN 2020, the Information System of the Mexican Ministry of Health, Google Scholar, and PubMed. The data showed that mortality in patients with prostate cancer in Veracruz City was higher (2018) compared to Campeche (219), Chiapas (977), Guerrero (724), Oaxaca (1356), Quintana Roo (623), and Yucatan (603). The results showed that aging is a risk factor for developing prostate cancer. Besides, this phenomenon could be conditioned through increases in the population of each Mexico city.


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Figueroa-Valverde L, Rosas-Nexticapa M, Alvarez-Ramirez M, Lopez-Ramos M, Mateu-Armand V, Lopez-Gutierrez T. Statistical Data (1978-2020) on Prostate Cancer in the Southern Population of Mexico. Clin Cancer Investig J. 2023;12(1):7-10.
Figueroa-Valverde, L., Rosas-Nexticapa, M., Alvarez-Ramirez, M., Lopez-Ramos, M., Mateu-Armand, V., & Lopez-Gutierrez, T. (2023). Statistical Data (1978-2020) on Prostate Cancer in the Southern Population of Mexico. Clinical Cancer Investigation Journal, 12(1), 7-10.

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