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Year: 2015   |   Volume: 4   |   Issue: 4   |   Page: 584-586     View issue

Malignant Brenner tumor of ovary: A rare entity

Ashok Sangwaiya, Shilpa Garg, Shivani Kalhan, Rahul Satarkar, Pawan Singh, Manmeet Gill

Worldwide, ovarian carcinoma continues to be responsible for more deaths than all other gynecologic malignancies. It usually occurs in older women and the average age at presentation is 50 years. Brenner tumor of the ovary is very rare, mostly benign, small, and unilateral. Malignant Brenner tumor is much rarer. These tumors are believed to arise from urothelial metaplasia of ovarian surface epithelium. Malignant Brenner tumor of ovary closely resembles the transitional cell carcinoma of ovary. They must be differentiated because the latter has a worse prognosis. A case of unilateral malignant Brenner tumor in a postmenopausal woman is reported here and its features are briefly discussed.

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Sangwaiya A, Garg S, Kalhan S, Satarkar R, Singh P, Gill M. Malignant Brenner tumor of ovary: A rare entity. Clin Cancer Investig J. 2015;4(4):584-6.
Sangwaiya, A., Garg, S., Kalhan, S., Satarkar, R., Singh, P., & Gill, M. (2015). Malignant Brenner tumor of ovary: A rare entity. Clinical Cancer Investigation Journal, 4(4), 584-586.

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