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Clinical Cancer Investigation Journal
Year: 2022   |   Volume: 11   |   Issue: 6   |   Page: 25-30     View issue

Aging and Changes in White Blood Cells Count and Immunity: A Systematic Review

Abdelrahman Mohamed Ahmed Abukanna, Fatimah Mofareh AlAnazi, Zainab Mofareh AlAnazi, Feryal Ayed L AlAnazi, Afnan Hamdan Owayn AlAnaz, Rahaf Meshal L AlAnazi

It is unclear why aging causes a drop in lymphoid-biased HSC numbers and a decline in lymphoid progenitor quality. One possibility is that stem and progenitor cells have inherently programmed processes at work, which would imply that these cells have an internal clock that controls their functionality and lifetime. This study aims to summarize current evidence regarding the Effect of aging on White Blood Cells Count and immunity. The PubMed database and EBSCO Information Services were utilised to choose the articles. In our review, all pertinent articles related to our subject and other publications were used. Other articles that have nothing to do with this subject were not included. The group members looked through a certain format in which the data had been extracted. The WBC count merits consideration as a potentially clinically helpful indicator of survival in individuals aged 75 and older, particularly in women. Monocyte count and total white blood cell count both peaked at the 50th and 97.5th quantiles at birth before significantly declining in the first six months of life. A relatively gradual decline persisted until the age of two. Contrary to the tendency for the neutrophil count, the lymphocyte count peaked in early childhood and subsequently fell as people aged. As the immune system is exposed to infections and environmental non-self-antigens more often after early infancy. This pattern appears to represent the development of acquired and adaptive immune responses.

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Abukanna AMA, AlAnazi FM, AlAnazi ZM, AlAnazi FAL, AlAnaz AHO, AlAnazi RML. Aging and Changes in White Blood Cells Count and Immunity: A Systematic Review. Clin Cancer Investig J. 2022;11(6):25-30.
Abukanna, A. M. A., AlAnazi, F. M., AlAnazi, Z. M., AlAnazi, F. A. L., AlAnaz, A. H. O., & AlAnazi, R. M. L. (2022). Aging and Changes in White Blood Cells Count and Immunity: A Systematic Review. Clinical Cancer Investigation Journal, 11(6), 25-30.

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