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Clinical Cancer Investigation Journal
ISSN Print: 2278-1668, Online: 2278-0513
2014 Volume 3 - Issue 4
Table of Contents
Treatment outcomes in patients with multiple brain metastases: A prospective randomized study
Animesh Saha, Sajal Ghosh, Chhaya Roy, Priyanjit Kayal
Extranodal diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: Experience from a tertiary care oncology center in South India
K. Lakshmaiah, K. Lokesh, Vishwanath Sathyanarayanan, C. Premalatha, Clementina Rao, T Suresh, K. Babu, D. Lokanatha, Linu Jacob, Suresh Babu
Aberrant promoter methylation and gene expression of H-cadherin gene is associated with tumor progression and recurrence in epithelial ovarian carcinoma
Rahul Bhagat, Sandeep Kumar, V Shilpa, C Premalata, V Pallavi, Lakshmi Krishnamoorthy
Delay in diagnosis amongst carcinoma lung patients presenting at a tertiary respiratory centre
Ruchi Sachdeva, Sandeep Sachdeva
Significance of correlation between levels of carcinoembryonic antigen and carbohydrate antigen 19-9, carcinoembryonic antigen and C-reactive protein, carcinoembryonic antigen and alpha-1 antitrypsin in gastric and colon cancer patients
Bhawna Bagaria, Ashish Bagaria, Rameshwaram Sharma, Sadhna Sood, Soniya Lalwani
The comet assay a method to measure DNA damage in oral submucous fibrosis patients: A case-control study
Ravichandra Udupa, Kaveri Hallikeri, Dhiraj Trivedi
Survival and failure outcomes in PCNSL with WBRT followed by CHOP Chemotherapy: An alternative treatment approach in community settings in low resource countries
Ritesh Kumar, Narendra Kumar, Anjan Bera, Divya Khosla, Pankaj Kumar, Pramod Gupta, Kanchan Mukharjee, B. Radotra, Suresh Sharma
The satisfactory reproducibility of the Ki-67 index in breast carcinoma, and it′s correlation with the recurrence score
Varsha Manucha, Xinmin Zhang, Rebecca Thomas
Long-term results of low dose daily cisplatin chemotherapy used concurrently with modestly accelerated radiotherapy in locally advanced squamous cell carcinomas of the head neck cancer region
Pramod Gupta, Anshu Goel, M. Raj, Shaleen Kumar, Ranjeet Bajpai, Punita Lal
Isolation, identification, and spheroids formation of breast cancer stem cells, therapeutics implications
Maytham Abboodi
Malignant phyllodes tumor with chondro and osteosarcomatous differentiation and secondaries in lungs
Satya Narayan, Akhil Kapoor, Mukesh Singhal, Puneet Bagri, Neeti Sharma, Vanita Kumar, Harvindra Kumar
Pilomyxoid astrocytoma of the thoracic spinal cord in an adult: A case report and review of literature
Tamojit Chaudhuri, Kamlesh Jadava
Cytodiagnosis of biphasic synovial sarcoma of anterior chest wall: A rare case report
Shivani Sood, Neelam Gupta, Sudarshan Sharma, Kavita Mardi
Metaplastic carcinoma of the breast: A report of two cases along with review of literature
Shivani Sood, Vidisha Mahajan, Vijay Kaushal
Breast sarcoma: A rarity
Aditi Agrawal, Siddharth Rao, Dilip Gupta
Trichilemmal carcinoma presenting as cutaneous horn
S. Prathima, Vidyavathi Kannar, M. Harendra Kumar, A. Bhaskaran
Castleman′s disease: A case report of the unicentric type
Aloke Dastidar, Asish Dutta, Susmita Sadhukhan, Anirban Halder
Stereotactic body radiotherapy with CyberKnife in solitary adrenal metastasis
Abhishek Ashu, Deepak Gupta, Tejinder Kataria, Shyam Bisht, Shikha Goyal, K. Karrthick, S. Vikraman
Peutz-Jegher′s syndrome with gut maltoma: A rare presentation
Anindya Mukherjee, Subrata Chattopadhyay, Md. Azam, Aramita Saha
A rare co-occurrence of tubulocystic and clear cell type renal cell carcinoma
Kaushik Saha, Moumita Sengupta
Acinic cell carcinoma of parotid gland with prominent lymphoid stroma: A diagnostic dilemma
Kavita Mardi, Neelam Gupta
Congenital polypoid mass protruding from vagina
Shasanka Panda, Rashmi Das, Pankaj Mohanty, Saumyaranjan Mallick
Dose calculations in lung treatment plans
Tamu Syed
Combination immunotherapy in management of advanced melanoma
Akhil Kapoor, Ankita Rungta, Harvindra Kumar, Rajesh Kumar
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ISSN Print: 2278-1668, Online: 2278-0513