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Year: 2014   |   Volume: 3   |   Issue: 5   |   Page: 420-422     View issue

Umbilical cutaneous nodule: A diagnostic dilemma

Sunder Goyal, Amit Jain, Snigdha Goyal

Umbilical cutaneous nodule can be due to infection, skin ailments and tumors. It can be primary or secondary in origin. When it is secondary due to metastasis from visceral malignancy then it is named as Sister Mary Joseph nodule. It can be a presenting symptom and sign of hidden malignancy and thus poses a diagnostic dilemma for physician. Our case presented to us with ulcerated umbilical nodule and subsequent ultrasound revealed accompanied urinary bladder malignancy. Mostly, these nodules are adenocarcinoma but our was an unusual case of transitional cell carcinoma.

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Goyal S, Jain A, Goyal S. Umbilical cutaneous nodule: A diagnostic dilemma. Clin Cancer Investig J. 2014;3(5):420-2.
Goyal, S., Jain, A., & Goyal, S. (2014). Umbilical cutaneous nodule: A diagnostic dilemma. Clinical Cancer Investigation Journal, 3(5), 420-422.

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