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Year: 2023   |   Volume: 12   |   Issue: 1   |   Page: 43-47     View issue

Study of the Antitumor Activity of Selenium Nanoparticles

Arina Romanovna Maslyakova, Sabina Arturovna Magomedova, Islam Nazirovich Romantsov, Sharip Magomedrasulovich Nurbagandov, Mikhail Nikolaevich Bulovin, Oleg Rodionoviсh Podobin

In the scientific literature, studies on the feasibility of using selenium nanoparticles in the development of pharmaceuticals are widely presented. The positive effects of selenium in the treatment of cancer, hepatitis C, thyroid disease, cardiovascular disease, asthma, and other diseases have been studied. This scientific paper presents the results of studies on the effect of selenium nanoparticles on the development of a cancerous tumor. The experiment was carried out on five groups of white laboratory mice, with group 1 (positive control) being healthy individuals; group 2 (negative control) - individuals infected with EPNT-5 cancer cells; group 3 (experiment) - infected individuals that received an injection of selenium nanoparticles; group 4 (experiment) - infected individuals that received an injection of selenium nanoparticles and immunoglobulin imG; group 5 (experiment) - infected individuals who received an injection of immunoglobulin imG. During the experiment, the development of the disease and the behavior of laboratory animals were monitored. After 4 weeks, blood was taken for a general and biochemical test, and the masses of the internal organs of laboratory mice were also examined.

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Maslyakova AR, Magomedova SA, Romantsov IN, Nurbagandov SM, Bulovin MN, Podobin OR. Study of the Antitumor Activity of Selenium Nanoparticles. Clin Cancer Investig J. 2023;12(1):43-7.
Maslyakova, A. R., Magomedova, S. A., Romantsov, I. N., Nurbagandov, S. M., Bulovin, M. N., & Podobin, O. R. (2023). Study of the Antitumor Activity of Selenium Nanoparticles. Clinical Cancer Investigation Journal, 12(1), 43-47.

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