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Year: 2022   |   Volume: 11   |   Issue: 1 S   |   Paper ID: CCLS220293

Modeling of Autothermal Catalytic Monolith Reformer to Obtain hydrogen for Fuel Cells (Considering the Effect of the Amount of Steam and the Inlet Gas Temperature)


The modeling of an autothermal catalytic monolith reformer to obtain hydrogen for fuel cells (considering the effect of the amount of steam and the inlet gas temperature) was studied in this paper. For this purpose, a catalytic monolithic reformer, including the methane autothermal reforming process, was 3D modeled, and the catalyst used in the present modeling was 5%. This modeling was based on the simultaneous solution of the conservation equations, in which the effect of performed reactions was also considered. One channel of this monolithic reactor was used as the computational domain. The results of this modeling agreed with the laboratory data available in the literature. This model was used to estimate the performance of the reformer in other operating conditions. The parameters studied in the present research were the inlet steam/methane molar ratio and the reformer inlet gas temperature. Finally, it was found that to reach the maximum hydrogen content in the range of operational parameters; the reactor inlet gas temperature must be equal to 600°C.

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