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Clinical Cancer Investigation Journal
Year: 2023   |   Volume: 12   |   Issue: 2   |   Page: 33-38     View issue

Methods of Treatment of Hemangiomas

Luliia Vyacheslavna Nebotova, Elnur Abbas Oglu Gasanov, Sevil Husynbekovna Makhsubova, Zaira Arazovna Abdullayeva, Said-Magomed Said-Ibragimovich Shabaev, Ismail Askhatovich Kadiev

The prevalence of hemangiomas in children reaches 45.7% of all benign childhood tumors, among newborns up to 1/4 of children are affected by the disease. The complexity of diagnosing and treating hemangiomas is exacerbated by the lack of a unified classification capable of providing mutual understanding between pediatricians, dermatologists, pediatric surgeons, and oncologists. One of the generally recognized problems in the treatment of hemangiomas is the definition of indications for the start of treatment. A serious problem is the treatment of ulcerated hemangiomas, accompanied by infection and bleeding. The tactics of managing a patient with hemangioma require an individual approach. For example, propranolol therapy and laser removal of hemangiomas are the most effective, safe, and cosmetically acceptable methods of removal. Surgical treatment and electrocoagulation show a persistent, relapse-free effect. As part of the scientific work, a statistical study of 40 case histories of children was carried out. The article presents data on the distribution of the disease by sex, and age, as well as by location and method of treatment.

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Nebotova LV, Gasanov EAO, Makhsubova SH, Abdullayeva ZA, Shabaev SS, Kadiev IA. Methods of Treatment of Hemangiomas. Clin Cancer Investig J. 2023;12(2):33-8.
Nebotova, L. V., Gasanov, E. A. O., Makhsubova, S. H., Abdullayeva, Z. A., Shabaev, S. S., & Kadiev, I. A. (2023). Methods of Treatment of Hemangiomas. Clinical Cancer Investigation Journal, 12(2), 33-38.

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