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Year: 2022   |   Volume: 11   |   Issue: 1 S   |   Paper ID: CCLS220374

Investigating the relationship between TaqI polymorphism of vitamin D receptor (VDR) gene and breast cancer

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Scientific evidence indicates a relationship between the occurrence and rate of tumor progression, impaired calciferol metabolism, and VDR gene polymorphisms. The TaqI polymorphism of the VDR gene has no effect on the protein product because its position in exon 9 is in a way that both alleles encode the same amino acid (Isoleucine). This polymorphism probably modulates the function of this gene by affecting transcript stability, regulation of transcription activity, and translation process efficiency. In this study, 100 women with breast tumors and 100 women as the control group in Dezful (Khuzestan, Iran) were sampled. DNA extraction through the salting-out method was conducted on peripheral venous blood of control individuals and breast tumor tissue of patients. In the next step, analysis of TaqI polymorphism of the VDR gene was implemented by PCR-RFLP. Statistical analysis showed that regarding P-value = 0.16 for genotype distribution, there is no significant difference between control and case groups; So, P-value = 0.54 indicates no significant difference in terms of allele frequencies. Besides, CI = 95%, OR = 1,500, and P-value = 0.060 do not represent any correlation between the risk of disease and genotypes; thus, CI = 95%, OR = 1.515, and P-value = 0.54 do not illustrate any association between breast cancer and the type of allele. No significant connection exists between the risk of disease and the TaqI polymorphism of the VDR gene.

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