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Year: 2019   |   Volume: 8   |   Issue: 4   |   Page: 139-143     View issue

Immunotherapy in breast cancer

Nematollah Rostami, Zeinab Mazloumi, Fatemeh Aghamaleki, Sima Rad, Abolfazl Movafagh, Mojgan Sheikhpour

Over the last few years, the developments around cancer immunotherapy have led to a paradigm shift in the treatment of many different cancers and leukemias, in particular, melanoma, renal, bladder, and lung cancers with a remarkable impact on response rate and most importantly, overall survival was noticed. Breast cancer is most commonly considered to be a “noninflamed” cancer, and hence, this shift has been less marked within its treatment. However, some subsets of breast cancer, most notably triple-negative breast cancer, are deemed to be more “inflamed” and therefore may prove to be an appropriate cohort for immunotherapy.

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Rostami N, Mazloumi Z, Aghamaleki F, Rad S, Movafagh A, Sheikhpour M. Immunotherapy in breast cancer. Clin Cancer Investig J. 2019;8(4):139-43.
Rostami, N., Mazloumi, Z., Aghamaleki, F., Rad, S., Movafagh, A., & Sheikhpour, M. (2019). Immunotherapy in breast cancer. Clinical Cancer Investigation Journal, 8(4), 139-143.

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