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Year: 2015   |   Volume: 4   |   Issue: 2   |   Page: 282-285     View issue

Hodgkin′s lymphoma of the breast: A rare occurrence

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Breast lymphoma is a rare condition, and both as a primary and a metastatic manifestation. The primary form has an incidence ranging from 0.04% to 0.5% of all breast neoplasms, whereas the metastatic form has an incidence of 0.07%. Hodgkin′s lymphoma of the breast is a very rare entity both as primary and as well as secondary. Hereby, we report a case of 57-year-old lady presented with a left-sided breast lump with axillary lymphadenopathy. Fine-needle aspiration cytology and histopathological study revealed features of Hodgkin′s lymphoma. Fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography scan showed neoplastic lesions at left breast, axilla, thigh, pelvis and inguinal region. She presented with cervical lymphadenopathy, 4 years back, diagnosed as Hodgkin′s lymphoma for which she received 12 cycles of chemotherapy followed by thoracic field radiotherapy. Now the patient is further on chemotherapy for recurrence and is being followed-up.

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Mukherjee R, Mondal M, Banerjee D, Mukherjee M. Hodgkin′s lymphoma of the breast: A rare occurrence. Clin Cancer Investig J. 2015;4(2):282-5.
Mukherjee, R., Mondal, M., Banerjee, D., & Mukherjee, M. (2015). Hodgkin′s lymphoma of the breast: A rare occurrence. Clinical Cancer Investigation Journal, 4(2), 282-285.

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