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Year: 2021   |   Volume: 10   |   Issue: 3   |   Page: 108-111     View issue

Histological spectrum of benign soft-tissue neoplasm in a tertiary care center

Yamini Ingale, Rupali Bavikar, Sushama Kulkarni, Narendra Kale

Background: Benign soft-tissue tumors are very frequently received specimen in surgical pathology as compare to malignant one. Aims: The purpose of the study is to calculate the incidence and prevalence of benign soft-tissue tumors, to calculate their frequency in different age, sex, and site distribution in tertiary care hospital, and to study their different histological types. Subjects and Methods: We studied all soft-tissue tumors received in histopathology department in 4 years. All clinical parameters such as age, sex, incidence, site and size of swelling, gross, and microscopy of the lesions were studied carefully. Statistical Analysis Used: Data were analyzed using a Chi-square test. Results: Total 360 (9.9%) soft-tissue tumors were received, 330 (91.7%) were benign, and 30 (8.3%) were malignant. The incidence of benign and malignant tumors was more common in males (55.8%) than in females (44.2%). The peak incidence of benign tumors was in 21–30 years. The most common site for benign tumors was the extremities, followed by head and neck. Lipomas formed major bulk of benign tumors (52.4%), followed by vascular tumors (21.2%), peripheral nerve sheath tumors (20.9%), fibrous tumors (3.3%), fibrohistiocytic tumors (1.8%), smooth muscle tumors and tumors of uncertain differentiation (0.3%) in descending order. Conclusions: Benign soft-tissue tumors were most commonly occurring lesions in clinical practice. From this study, we were re-evaluate the clinical data of benign soft-tissue tumors, there histological types along with age, sex, and site distribution.

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Ingale Y, Bavikar R, Kulkarni S, Kale N. Histological spectrum of benign soft-tissue neoplasm in a tertiary care center. Clin Cancer Investig J. 2021;10(3):108-11.
Ingale, Y., Bavikar, R., Kulkarni, S., & Kale, N. (2021). Histological spectrum of benign soft-tissue neoplasm in a tertiary care center. Clinical Cancer Investigation Journal, 10(3), 108-111.

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