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Year: 2019   |   Volume: 8   |   Issue: 6   |   Page: 232-235     View issue

Genitourinary tract cancers: Frequency and demographic characteristics

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Context: As one of the most common cancers in clinical practice, genitourinary system tumors are reported to grow worldwide. Aims: We aimed to describe the frequency and demographic characteristics of such cancers' in Isfahan Province/Iran. Materials and Methods: Information related to the genitourinary system tumors was collected from the Isfahan Cancer Registry. The cancer sites studied were defined according to the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-O; Third Edition) and recorded by associating topography code. Statistical Analysis Used: The statistical analyses of d-Base were performed using Microsoft Excel and SPSS v. 20 (Chicago, IL, USA) for windows. Results: Among all registered patients with genitourinary cancers, there were 3024 cases with genital system cancers and 2117 cases with urinary system cancers. The frequency of males versus female genital system cancers was (n = 1808 vs. n = 1216; P = 0.01), respectively. The frequency of bladder and kidney cancer was 1655 and 404 cases, respectively. Conclusions: According to the analysis, there were higher frequency of ovary and prostate cancer in male and females correspondingly. Associated with the urinary system, cancers of bladder and kidney were higher than others. Further advanced study associated with drug therapy and surgical management seems to be advantageous.

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Tolou_Ghamari Z, Mazdak H, Saboori M, Sichani M. Genitourinary tract cancers: Frequency and demographic characteristics. Clin Cancer Investig J. 2019;8(6):232-5.
Tolou_Ghamari, Z., Mazdak, H., Saboori, M., & Sichani, M. (2019). Genitourinary tract cancers: Frequency and demographic characteristics. Clinical Cancer Investigation Journal, 8(6), 232-235.

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