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Year: 2022   |   Volume: 11   |   Issue: 1 S   |   Paper ID: CCLS220166

Designing a Corporate Entrepreneurship Process Model in the Cellulose Industry Using a Data Theory Approach


Corporate entrepreneurship in a competitive environment along with extensive developments in various industries and organizations is an effective and efficient approach and action to achieve organizational goals. The present research study aimed to provide a corporate entrepreneurship process model for businesses active in the Iranian cellulose industry. Having explanatory aims in mind, the researchers used a mixed approach to obtain practical results. The data used were collected using library resources and through a series of semi-structured interviews with 20 Iranian cellulose industry experts who were purposefully selected for the study. Data analysis was done using the data theory method and three-stage coding (open-axis-selective) in the form of 259 open codes, 24 axial codes, and 5 selected codes. Findings showed the main market information drivers are: the central phenomenon (corporate entrepreneurship process) including a 9 - step strategy, idea generation, market analysis, idea analysis, idea selection, idea refinement, concept creation and construction, marketing and commercialization, and its causal preconditions, including business competencies, human resource requirements, managerial competencies. Background factors including political and legal contexts, social context, and intervention factors such as economic and technical contexts were considered to be effective on strategies (human resource strategies, marketing strategies, knowledge strategies, and network strategies). Finally, the organizational performance and social consequences of these strategies were discussed

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