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Year: 2017   |   Volume: 6   |   Issue: 6   |   Page: 258-260     View issue

Cytological diagnosis of enchondroma: Report of three cases

Manoj Patro, Tummidi Santosh, Atanu Bal, Bandana Mishra

Enchondroma is a benign hyaline cartilage neoplasm arising in the medullary region of the bone. Most commonly involves short tubular bones. Most of the lesions are asymptomatic slow-growing lesions detected accidentally on the radiological examination or presents with pain secondary to pathological fracture. Fine-needle aspiration (FNA) is a quick, less invasive procedure and is of help in diagnosing these lesions. We report three cases of enchondroma, two involving phalanges of hand, one in humerus diagnosed by FNA and confirmed by histopathological study. The triad of clinical, radiological and cytological evaluation is imperative for the cytodiagnosis of this well-established entity.

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Patro M, Santosh T, Bal A, Mishra B. Cytological diagnosis of enchondroma: Report of three cases. Clin Cancer Investig J. 2017;6(6):258-60.
Patro, M., Santosh, T., Bal, A., & Mishra, B. (2017). Cytological diagnosis of enchondroma: Report of three cases. Clinical Cancer Investigation Journal, 6(6), 258-260.

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