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Year: 2012   |   Volume: 1   |   Issue: 1   |   Page: 13-15     View issue

Cholinesterase in osteosarcoma

Simmi Kharb, Zile Kundu, Sandeep Kumar

Background: Several biochemical markers have been proposed to have diagnostic and prognostic value in the management of osteosarcoma. Cholinesterase affects cell proliferation, differentiation and responses to various insults, including stress, and might have functional role in bone tissues. Status of serum cholinesterase levels in osteosarcoma is not clear. Hence, the present study was planned to analyze the status of cholinesterase in patients with osteosarcoma. Methods: Serum cholinesterase levels were analyzed in 30 cases of osteosarcoma and 30 patients with musculoskeletal pain. Results: Serum calcium and alkaline phosphatase levels were significantly raised with osteosarcoma (group I) as compared with controls (group II) (P<0.01). Serum phosphorus levels were lower in group I as compared with group II and the difference was not statistically significant (P>0.05). Serum cholinesterase levels were decreased in osteosarcoma patients (group I) as compared with the patients with musculoskeletal pain (group II, P<0.05). Conclusion: Findings of low levels of serum cholinesterase levels in the present study demonstrate that cholinesterase secreted by osteoblasts is consumed in bone formation and tumorigenesis.

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Kharb S, Kundu Z, Kumar S. Cholinesterase in osteosarcoma. Clin Cancer Investig J. 2012;1(1):13-5.
Kharb, S., Kundu, Z., & Kumar, S. (2012). Cholinesterase in osteosarcoma. Clinical Cancer Investigation Journal, 1(1), 13-15.

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