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Clinical Cancer Investigation Journal
Year: 2014   |   Volume: 3   |   Issue: 5   |   Page: 432-434     View issue

Cerebral astroblastoma

Sayan Paul, Shilpi Narad, Sandeep Vaishya, Nandini Vasdev, Anusheel Munshi, Biplab Sarkar

Cerebral astroblastoma is one of the rarest tumors of the central nervous system and its classification, histogenesis, diagnosis and therapeutic management are still being debated. We present a rare case of histopathologically and immunohistochemically diagnosed low grade astroblastoma treated with surgery and postoperative radiotherapy successfully; although the case was low grade. We have given radiation in view of residual disease and unreliability for regular follow-up.

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Paul S, Narad S, Vaishya S, Vasdev N, Munshi A, Sarkar B. Cerebral astroblastoma. Clin Cancer Investig J. 2014;3(5):432-4.
Paul, S., Narad, S., Vaishya, S., Vasdev, N., Munshi, A., & Sarkar, B. (2014). Cerebral astroblastoma. Clinical Cancer Investigation Journal, 3(5), 432-434.

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