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Clinical Cancer Investigation Journal
Year: 2016   |   Volume: 5   |   Issue: 1   |   Page: 89-91     View issue

An unusual presentation of cardiac metastasis in breast cancer

Lokanatha Dasappa, Smitha Saldanha, Lakshmaiah Kuntegowdanahalli, Linu Jacob, Govind Babu, Mallekavu Babu, Pretesh Kiran, Nagaraja Moorthy, Gurulingaiah Giri

Metastatic disease to the heart is a rare phenomenon. In this case report, we describe an unusual case of metastasis of breast cancer to the left side of the heart in an elderly lady, with its intracardiac location detected by means of transthoracic echocardiography. This is one of the few described case reports of breast cancer metastasizing to the left ventricle of the heart.

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Dasappa L, Saldanha S, Kuntegowdanahalli L, Jacob L, Babu G, Babu M, et al. An unusual presentation of cardiac metastasis in breast cancer. Clin Cancer Investig J. 2016;5(1):89-91.
Dasappa, L., Saldanha, S., Kuntegowdanahalli, L., Jacob, L., Babu, G., Babu, M., Kiran, P., Moorthy, N., & Giri, G. (2016). An unusual presentation of cardiac metastasis in breast cancer. Clinical Cancer Investigation Journal, 5(1), 89-91.

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