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Year: 2023   |   Volume: 12   |   Issue: 6   |   Page: 33-37     View issue

A Review of the Use of Targeted Therapy for Cancer Treatment

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One of the serious health problems of today's societies is cancer, which many efforts have been made to deal with. Despite the many studies conducted in the field of cancer treatment and the provision of various treatments in this field, cancer cells show resistance to the offered treatment strategies (even chemotherapy) and leave the offered treatments without results. Therefore, scientists have tried (especially in the last two decades) to use smart ways to successfully fight cancer. Among the appropriate solutions presented in recent years is targeting the weak points of neoplastic cells and using them to make drugs. The use of this method makes it more likely that cancer cells will not have a chance to fight. Targeted cancer treatment usually includes two different approaches: the first approach is to use special drugs to target the weak points of cancer cells, and the second approach is to deliver the drug directly to the abnormal cells and avoid more collateral damage to the patients. The main goal of these studies is to provide personalized treatments to each patient based on the underlying cause of his illness, which will bring medical science into the field of person-centered medicine. In this review article, using reliable and new sources, the goals that are used for this targeted treatment are introduced along with the logic of their selection and the drugs obtained from them.

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Lee YT, Tan YJ, Oon CE. A Review of the Use of Targeted Therapy for Cancer Treatment. Clin Cancer Investig J. 2023;12(6):33-7.
Lee, Y. T., Tan, Y. J., & Oon, C. E. (2023). A Review of the Use of Targeted Therapy for Cancer Treatment. Clinical Cancer Investigation Journal, 12(6), 33-37.

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