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Year: 2022   |   Volume: 11   |   Issue: 1 S   |   Paper ID: CCLS220291

Studying the Effective Mathematical Concepts in the Performance of Microbial Fuel Cells


Microbial fuel cells (MFC) are considered one of the important potentials in the supply of clean and renewable energy in the future. In addition to the supply of electrical energy, which is the most extensively used and flexible among other types of energy, MFCs do not cause the slightest pollution to the environment and purify and play a significant role in eliminating environmental pollution such as urban wastewater and leachate from urban solid wastes. At present, MFC technology has not yet been produced in mass and commercially due to low efficiency. With the commercialization of this industry, the issue of urban wastewater will be raised not only as a problem but also as a source of clean energy supply, since urban wastewater is a rich source of microorganisms used in microbial fuel cells. Mathematical modeling of microbial fuel cells makes it possible for researchers to predict the resulting changes in the generated power and modify their design by changing the parameters affecting the efficiency of microbial fuel cells without performing numerous and time-consuming tests.

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